Basic, Efficient Resume For 2024

Released Works:

Unreleased game material:

Music I worked on for projects that didn’t get finished.

  • Fort Defender Mobile Game – 2013? I don’t remember exactly.
    Wanted the tracks in .mid format. As of 2023, only released as a video album of MIDI visualization material arranged as-is for a Roland SC-8850. Huge variety of genres represented.
  • Wuli Adventure – 2014-ongoing?
    This project is still ongoing, but I haven’t had any contact with the creator since COVID, though I know he’s still working on it in his spare time. Huge variety of genres represented.
  • Hypertension HD – 2014-2016
    Famous vaporware Dreamcast homebrew game. Dark ambient/trip-hop/orchestral.
  • Untitled Arcade Belt Fighting Game – 2015-2017
    This ended up going nowhere. Huge variety of genres represented.
  • Untitled Cute-em-up Game – 2019
    Same as above. Chiptune/modern hybrid.
  • Horror visual novel – 2017-2020
    Dark ambient/trip-hop/orchestral.