Music Rearrangement


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A music composition is melody, chordal accompaniment and possibly rhythm at its most naked. It is the identity of the song. After that, an arrangement needs to created in order to make the composition turn into a full-fledged song or track to make it a recording identity. Arrangement is a vast art where instruments and how they are played are assigned to melodies, how to design the chordal accompaniment, what the rhythms are and what they play. If you’ve ever heard a remix of a song that had different guitars, synths, keys and drums while still being able to identify the original song inside it, that’s a re-arrangement.

12MX Media artist Meteo Xavier has been arranging and re-arranging songs since 2006 both with remix giant and within videogame commissions that require leitmotifs show up at different times in different contexts within the medium. This experience is available to virtually anyone for any context on commission! If you have compositions or already finished songs that you would like a 3rd party artist to design a rearrangement or remix for, contact me today!


Key Points:

  • Prices and work negotiable.
  • .mid file or sheet music required.
  • Work will be performed on FL Studio 11 on PC.
  • Sounds with include samples and computerized synthesizers as well as pre-recorded commercial loops as necessary to achieve realism and cut down on production time and energy.
  • Instruments include Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Native Instruments Kontakt 5 and 6, Native Instruments FM8, Native Instruments Absynth, Native Instruments Massive, East West Symphony Orchestra Gold, East West Pianos Gold, East West RA, Heavyocity Evolve Mutations 1 & 2, Heavyocity Damage, Project SAM Symphobia 1-3, Project SAM Orchestral Essentials 1, u-He Zebra 2, u-He Diva, Cakewalk Z3TA+ 1 and 2, Synth 1 and more.

See examples of my rearrangement skills in these videos: