“Fusion Dance” by 12MX Media for Omnisphere 1.5.6.

Finally ready for release, 12MX Media’s first audio design product compatible with Omnisphere 1.5.6 and Omnisphere 2.0 and up.

Fusion Dance is my first attempt to make a sound set the way I always go to look for sound sets. This is 60 multi-instruments for only $5.00. This is not a “bread and butter” sound set – you already have hundreds if not thousands of “bread and butter” sounds. No, this is for musicians like me who have lots of sounds that are supposed to generally work anywhere and not be too recognizable because many musicians have a hard-on about that kind of thing taking away the mystique or something. Instead, Fusion Dance is inspired by my love of late 90s/early 2000s romplers, particularly the Roland XV 5050 and 5080, which feature stacks of instruments programmed into a single sound that, oftentimes, sounds unlike anything else and those with trained ears can pick them out in a track once they hear it.

As a mid-page anecdote, I find making recognizable sounds are actually better for sound sets in the long run than not. Many musicians have a weird thing about it because they feel like it “exposes the trick” and takes the magic out if they think you know it was made with stuff the consumer could get themselves. However, go look up some music forums and there’s more than one thread where people are posting “what’s this sound from?” because they’ve heard it a few times and want that sound for themselves. That accounts for a major percentage of why Roland XVs and Yamaha Motifs and Korg Tritons are still pursued today – people do want the sounds they recognize!

Fusion Dance is more than just me trying to play Eric Persing, though, many of these sounds are designed to be enormous – in some cases you could make up half the track pressing a single note. I made them bigger than I normally hear and I made them sound like things I don’t normally hear. Fusion Dance is designed to emphasize multiple made-from-scratch presets together to form movement (hence the name) and have all manner of clever and avant-garde design plus a lot of use of the orb, so you have filters, rhythms, panning, timbre and all kinds of things doing more than just staying in one place as you sustain notes and chords.

Sounds include:

  • Arps
  • Bass sustains
  • Bass to be sequenced
  • Bass rhythms
  • Bell leads
  • Bell/acoustic guitar hybrids
  • Distortion synths
  • Distortions atmospheres
  • Some drums
  • Pads
  • Long ambient textures
  • Vocal ambient textures
  • Synth leads for prog rock and other creative electronic music.
  • Hollow movements with bells and other distant sounds for meditative delights.
  • Sound effects that can be used in a variety of genres and scoring contexts.
  • Sounds that can be even more useful and brain-bursting in its deviation from the norm with sidechain effects, glitching effects, stutter edits, sliced-up like the Christmas turkey and more.
  • Sounds I didn’t even know how to classify.

Sound Demo


Fusion Dance is, as described above, only $5.00 for 60 multi-instruments. Many other companies and individuals sell their sets for many times multiplied that. Mine is only $5.00 so that even if you don’t immediately find it useful, you didn’t break the bank on it. File size is only 10.5MB as well and has no additional DRM restrictions beyond the Omnisphere program itself, so you can safely store it away until the project comes where you need it!

As of soft launch date, Fusion Dance is not yet uploaded to any store or shopping cart. For the first little while until it is available in some VST stores, I’m selling it on a “Paypal me $5.00 and I’ll directly email the .rar file to the email address you paid from” setting to start with.

Thank you and enjoy Fusion Dance by 12MX Media!